Hayward H100ID1 Above Ground Pool Heater Review

When there is a pool in your backyard, you would always want to use it again and again. At times you will face issues like minor seasonal temperature variations throughout the year. If you are confined to use the pool only during daytime or only during summer season you better should use a pool heating equipment and if you are in search to buy the best heater for above ground pool the Hayward H100ID1 Above Ground Pool Heater is a good option. It is particularly designed for Small Above Ground Pools. It is probably the best pool and spa heaters with many positive customer reviews. Here is a small review on this Pool Heater. 

Features and Specifications

There are many excellent features that make the Hayward H100ID1 Above Ground Pool Heater stand out. Before you purchase the Hayward H100ID1 heating equipment is necessary that you take a look at its features and specifications and ensure your satisfaction with the product.


Induced Draft Technology

The Hayward H100ID1 Above Ground Pool Heater showcases optimum performance featuring the revolutionary induced draft technology. The revolutionary induced draft technology guarantees optimal all weather heating performance, even during the time of high winds.

Highly Efficient Fast Heating

It has a 100,000 BTU input for small above ground pools and spas of all sizes and types. This facilitates highly efficient fast heating.
FireTile Combustion
Quick heating is ensured by the FireTile combustion chamber. It has a well situated On/Off switch to sustain reliable temperature set point.
Direct Spark Electric Ignition
It has an electric, direct spark ignition technology which helps to gain total control of the heater and also allows automatic operation.

Less Emission

It has an emission reduction design which ensures environment friendly heating. It also has a single-piece heat exchanger / copper header which provides leak-free performance. It also showcases an excellent chemical and salt water corrosion resistance.

Long Lasting and Easy Maintenance

The stainless steel jet-ported burners offer long life and trouble-free maintenance. It helps you save up to 18% than other heating equipments in this category by reducing the running time of the pump.

Other Notable Features

• The easy touch cabinet surface temperature provides you tension a free usage.
• It also features of a 120 volt electric cord Plug-in for uncomplicated installation.
• It also has a CPVC union plumbing connection that measures 2 inch x 2.5 inch.
• It ensures that the water velocity across all tubes is same to facilitate fast heating.


• The Hayward H100ID1 Above Ground Pool Heater is highly Energy efficient.
• It comes with an induced draft technology.
• It is comparatively Inexpensive than other pool and spa heaters.
• It easily heats up to 450-square feet.
• It is suitable for portable spas.
• It is a 100K natural gas heater.
• It features of an electronic ignition system.
• There is a FireTile combustion chamber as well.
• The Hayward H100ID1 includes a 120 volt electric cord with it for easy installation.
• There is no LED control panel in this pool heating equipment.
• Being limited in its abilities is another major drawback of the H100ID1.


The Hayward H100ID1 Above Ground Pool Heater is a symbol of excellent technology. It is the best heater for above ground pools. It showcases highly efficient features such as the Fast Heating, Induced Draft Technology, FireTile Combustion, Direct Spark Electric Ignition and many more.
The Hayward H100ID1 is a long lasting heating equipment. It also ensures trouble free maintenance as well. It ensures efficient performance during all wind and weather conditions. It is totally worth the penny you pay. There are so many positive customer reviews as well for this heating equipment. It is always wise to read user reviews before you make the purchase.

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