Choosing your first router can get confusing, especially when thinking of making wood works as your hobby or you are new at this; picking one wood router that will suit your desired projects is very important. Although, according there are lots of routers out there and you also considering to go for the best, out of the enormous models in the market. Well, it is a good idea for a beginner.

However, how to choose a wood router out of the various models in the market today is to think of the prices, qualities, and the sizes. Also, try to know what you want to accomplish with it. Here are some features to look at for when choosing such a tool:


There are mid-sized routers and large-sized ones in the market, but which do you wish to go for? The mid-sized models are known to be the first choice that a wood worker will go for. It is a 1.2 to 2.5 horsepower motor and the comfortable handles that offer versatile performance for any kind of wood operations.


These are tools that are heavy in size, so if you are thinking of more than handheld models for the large profiling bits that help a lot for tough woods, then you can consider such type of routers. They are mostly with the range of 3 to 3.25 motor horsepower.


The plunge base router permits the motor to be placed between two guides for easy movement. It makes cuts like mortising easy with the lock level system that conducts the depth of the bit.

Fixed base router makes the changing of the depth easy by removing it from the one which is capable of wide range cutting depths. The fixed base can nearly serve the purpose of all cuttings. But the plunge model best serves the purpose of mortise and dadoes cuttings.

You might also want to consider the trim router for small cuttings and profiling. It is mostly 1 to 2.1 horsepower motor and it is a useful handheld tool for the easy and smooth task.


The mid-sized routers and the large-sized are provided with variable speed that is controlled by the speed dial to lower the RPM’s for lower and higher bits, while the soft start is a feature that allows the tool to a progressive speed.


Are you confused either to choose the plunge base routers only over the fixed base routers? You don’t have to worry because there are also some motor packs that features a combination kit for both fixed and plunge routers. With the combination kits, you can get a lot done by just swapping whichever base you need in the motor pack that is suited for the cutting and while you use the other base as a handheld router.


Wood operations can really get our surroundings messed up with a lot of dust that is created out through the routing process. If you are the person that doesn’t like getting your surroundings messed up, then you might get discouraged about getting into woodworking. But you don’t have to be because there are some routers that you can consider going for that comes with vacuum collector and are able to suck up dust up to 95% of the dirt while you just have to do a little clean up after all the task.

Most products come with wrenches for changing the bit and also for the adjustment of the collet. The wrench is important when it comes to plunging base routers because it’s the only access to changing the bit.


Getting one router for yourself shouldn’t be a problem if you consider all these above-mentioned features – then you can actually know what you are going for and what you are expected to get from whichever product you pick. But always keep in mind what you want to achieve with your tool so you won’t get lost in the midst of routers out there.

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