How To Sharpen The Hedge Trimmers?

Maintaining hedge is an art which is the part of Topiary. Hedge trimmer plays a vital role on that. Trimmer is the equipment which is used to shape the hedge. But the problem with the trimmer is, it needs to sharpen every 50 hours of work. Otherwise, it won’t be sharp enough to shape the hedges as like you want. Every time you can’t go to a workshop to share the trimmers. Instead, you could make it sharper by yourself. Here are some of the methods to sharp your hedge trimmer quickly.

Things should be done before sharping the hedge trimmer

The safety is always important for any type works So make sure that you are wearing the safety gloves and glasses properly. Glasses are important to stay away from the iron particles while trimming the blades. Remove the dirt from the trimmer with the help of a brush. Make sure your hands are away from the power ON button to avoid the accidental press.

  • Flat File

A flat file is a tool which helps to sharp the tools and equipment. Hedge trimmer can be sharpened with the help of flat file. You need to follow the below steps to increase the performance for the longer time.

Take a flat file and check it whether it is in good condition or not. If the flat file is too old then it may lose its shaping property.

Place the hedge trimmer on a flat surface such as a table. If you place your trimmer on the floor then you can’t sharp with the file. So, placing over the table will be the good option.

Make sure that both upper and lower blades are rest in the same position. It makes the process simple. Take a measure of blade edges so that you can sharp it equally. Start filing slowly. First, finish the sharpen process on the upper blade. Then change the position of the trimmer to file the lower blade. Make sure that the file is not contacting the upper blade while filing the lower blade.

Check the measurement of blades. It’s important because every blade should be of equal size to cut the hedges in a perfect shape. If the blades are in different size again do the filing till it reaches the same size.

  • Use Sharpening stone

A sharpening stone normally helps to remove the burr and corrosion from the trimmers. The stone has the hard surfaces that remove the burr perfectly.

After filing remove the burr with the help of sharpening stone.

Remove the dust with help of brushes apply cleaning spray which helps to clean the dirt.

Professional Trimming

If you want to sharp the trimmer professional then take your trimmer to the nearest lathe workshop and handover your trimmer with them. They will trim the blades in a perfect angle which makes the trimmers sharper.

If you want to avoid the trimmer to be sharpened frequently then keep your trimmer away from the water as it makes the corrosion on the blade. Cover the blades with gloves or a safety box which helps to avoid the dirt and dust. Clean the trimmer after every use with the help of brush and cleaning spray.

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